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MG TC for Sale
January 2018
By Charlie Adams
Technical Advisor

On January 5th, I looked over this 1949 MG TC, which is for sale in Manassas. I spotted it on Craigslist. Overall, this is a nice car needing mechanical restoration. The owner said its matching numbers, but the bonnet latches were stuck so I couldn't verify this.

The owner's father bought the car in England in 1963, and kept it in Florida for many years. Earlier history is not known. No maintenance history is available. Nevertheless, the car has had effort put into it over the years.

The body is straight and the paint is fairly good. Certainly presentable. The undersides of the fenders were not done when the car was last painted, and are painted black. There is some light rust under the car, but overall the body is quite nice. The doors sag a little, due it appears, to worn hinges. The passenger door handle does not operate the latch. The chrome is a bit dull and in fair condition.

The bonnet is loose on the body--the hinge end pieces are not screwed down. The engine compartment is presentable looking through the louvers, but I could not get a good look at the carbs.

The black interior is in good or better condition except for the carpet. Seats are back leather. The top frame is off the car, and side curtains are present but cloudy and discolored.

The battery was dead and the engine has not run in some years. The tires are dry rotted and near bald. The brake and clutch pedals flop left and right so the bushings need replaced. I expect the suspension rubber needs replaced. The brake pedal went to the floor, and the master cylinder is damp. The handbrake does work. Typical TC steering feel at rest.

I'm going to help the owner by working on starting the car after doing the important prep work. Perhaps I'll then be able to drive it a short distance.

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